I have blogged about a lot of topics concerning SEO and how to make money blogging, but for some reason, I’ve neglected my very favorite suject: WordPress Plugins.

(Maybe I’ve unconsciously been trying to keep that goldmine to myself!)

I’m pretty sure most people reading this will be familiar with the WordPress platform. I mean, let’s face it. You just about can’t have a blog without it. WordPress makes everything so much easier. And with its built-in SEO features, you just can’t beat it for getting indexed fast and getting natural traffic from search engines.

What some of you may not know is that WordPress plugins do more than add cute functionality to your blog like photo carousels, feature-rich calendars, and social bookmarking buttons. Some of them actually increase the SUCCESS of your blog where SEO and good old-fashioned cash generation are concerned.

In fact, I get so hot and bothered about fantastic WordPress plugins that I am at this moment considering making them the main focus of all of my marketing blogs. They are just that important.

Take All-In-One SEO Pack, for instance. I know most of you SEO -conscious bloggers have definitely heard of this one, and it was probably the first recommendation you got when you started blogging. There’s a reason for that! All-In-One SEO Pack, while free, is one of the best WordPress plugins out there for search engine optimization. It’s easy to use, even for newbies, and it gets results in the search engines. Put up a new blog, install All-In-One SEO, perform your simple “Get Indexed Quickly” routine (more on that later), and you can actually get a trickle of traffic just from those steps. Impressive, considering in 2004 when I first started dabbling in IM, there was pretty much no way to get traffic without paying for it or being an authority site.

I even use the plugin when I have a Premium WordPress theme with built-in SEO, for the simple reason that if I change themes, I’ll still have my titles, keywords, descriptions and tags intact.

There are other free SEO Plugins, most notably Platinum SEO Pack, but I think they are experiencing some growing pains since the WordPress update, so be sure to read comments on it before you install. Hopefully, they’ll get it ironed out soon, because it’s a good plugin.

Gotta run! More later on this important subject…

WP Spin!


Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I am a BIG WordPress advocate. It is hands down the best foundation for a business in internet marketing, at least for the time being.

So I was very excited to learn about this new product coming out. One of the most time-consuming (and PAINFUL) parts of internet marketing is spinning articles. So this powerful little gem is a dream come true for folks like me. I am loving the fact that WP Spin integrates with The Best Spinner and gives us the capability of setting up a series of automatic spins on any or all of the content on our blogs. I can assure you — this DOES get Google to come running to your blog.