Take advantage of bum marketing. If you can create (or hire somebody to do it for you) articles that refer to your business, with your website information at the bottom, and submit them to article directory sites, you will get more traffic and links. Ask for links from other related sites’ website owners. Find sites that are related to your industry and write to their webmasters requesting that they link back to you. Some will not answer you. Some will say “no”. And others will just link to you. While your final goal is to have high-rank sites linking to yours, you can start out with any rank (as long as the content is valuable and relevant to what you have got to offer). As you bring in more links, your rank will go up as well and you’ll be ready to attract the higher ranking sites.

There are numerous ways to get guaranteed website traffic, but how much you will get is never warranted and may vary day to day, depending on the method you use, the market, competition, or lots of other factors.

First of all, making sure your internet site is properly “SEOed” is a first, basic step. When it comes to SEO, you want to optimize your keywords and keyword phrases on your website, as well as ensure you are getting fine quality backlinks. You can learn how to do this for yourself, employ somebody to do it for you, or invest in some software systems that will help you with this crucial aspect.

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