Taking advantage of traffic exchange programs is an excellent idea, especially if you own sites in niches that have elaborate traffic exchange programs. For instance, for sites in humor and video niches, there are several different powerful traffic exchanges you can join. Additionally, if you sell Internet marketing products or site-building products, you can join one of the many Internet marketing niche traffic exchanges.

What’s important to keep in mind when joining a traffic exchange is that the efficacy of the traffic exchange will be completely dependent on the design of the exchange system itself.

For instance, some exchanges give members credit for surfing pages aimlessly, even though there is little to no chance that these members will actually be interested in the sites they are looking at. In fact, some auto surf traffic exchanges as they are called are dominated by accounts that use bots to cheap the system.

Other traffic exchange programs have extremely poor results. Even if you buy credits, it takes an extremely long time to unload them, as there is very little traffic actually available within the system.

If you’re selling Internet marketing products, you may want to check out http://www.trafficswarm.com, as this is one of the better known and more reputable Traffic Exchange programs. In addition to their auto surf program (which is a waste of time for you), they also allow you to put up exchange banners on your site to earn credits and they also allow you to purchase massive amounts for very reasonable prices.

If you’re still in a niche that offers traffic exchange programs, take advantage of them. As long as the traffic is targeted, they’re probably one of the best sources you will find anywhere for comparable prices. If the traffic is low quality or not converting, then drop that exchange and move to another one. You should be able to find quality exchanges through trial and error, as it is relatively inexpensive to experiment.