Everyone’s searching for the ultimate to catapult their website to the top of the search engines. That simple goal can be the determining factor for thousands of businesses trying to stand out and take their business to the next level. Below are easily the most successfully utilized SEO strategies you’ll find online and how you should be putting them to use right now.On Page Optimization Techniques

There is no search engine optimization technique that has been around as long and has been as well tested as On-Page Optimization. Ironically, it is only one of many useful we can share with you. At one time, on-page strategies could make or break your website. Today, it makes up some 15% of your complete search engine ranking and Page Rank numbers. But if you don’t make the most of these on page optimization methods, it can definitely adversely affect your online business in a major way.

On-page optimization techniques include optimizing keywords, using image alt tags , deep navigation, SEO friendly links, using  title tags, in generating code that is SEO friendly.Article Marketing Article marketing is another SEO method that has been around for some time and is highly successful . Essentially, you will write articles that focus on a keyword or two and have a link back to your own site. You then upload those articles to article directories that publish them for free.

Once an article is posted, it creates a link back to your website that the search engines detect.  Article marketing is not a one-time thing, however. You will have to continuously submit new articles over time to gain more and more backlinks in order to push your website ever higher in the search engines.Trusted Site Backlinking

Article marketing does generate lots of backlinks, but you need some of your backlinks to be high-quality, which means finding trusted sites that are willing to link back to your site. Trusted sites are the ones that Google considers to be top-notch. Thus, any website that ends in .GOV or .EDU is considered a ” trusted site.” Also, high level directories like DMOZ and Yahoo! are trusted sites. Major forums and information resources like Wikipedia are also solid choices.Using Your Site’s Content for Link Baiting

Link baiting is a search engine optimization strategy in which you create well-researched, quality content on your site that will attract positive attention from visitors and other sites on its own. The ideas for such an article are not difficult to conceive. If you had a gardening site, you could produce an article on the Top 20 plants to use in borders. The article would need to be informative and accurate, and it should take hours to research and write, but it would also be an extremely powerful goto resource in your niche of choice, drawing attention from lots of other websites. When other webmasters start linking to you on their own, you have gone and accomplished something to brag about.Social Media: Using it Wisely Social media is a common tool these days, but many thoughtless marketers abuse it. The goal is to use social sites like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to position yourself as an authority and an easily recognizable and respected personality and brand that can be trusted for niche information. You need to provide valuable content daily for your readers.Viral Marketing

In Viral Marketing, just as in social media and link baiting, your goal is to draw people to you. As an SEO technique, viral marketing is the hardest to measure, but it can be the most effective. Examples of viral marketing include video productions for YouTube, free reports, building squeeze pages, and providing free software.

No single method is going to make or break your business. But if you are not employing two or more of the techniques above in tandem, you’re missing out on a fantastic chance to generate FREE traffic for your website. SEO strategy must begin with a detailed, long term plan and goal set. You should utilize various methods, test constantly, and adjust when necessary. This is the most effective blueprint to produce reliable free traffic.