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Okay, I guess it’s time to tell a little bit about myself and my business so that folks know where I’m coming from when recommending something. I’m beginning to get a lot of traffic to this particular blog, so introductions are now in order.

I’m a professional internet marketer and blogger with a lot of experience under my belt and a willingness to share my knowledge with people who need it.

[ULTRA-SHORT BIO/SOB STORY] I am not a “guru,” and I don’t want to be. Not at this point in my life, anyway. Maybe when my kids get a little more grown. But right now, I’m content to run my business under the radar, sleeping as late as I want (except for getting the kids off to school!), working when I want, taking off when I want, and making money doing something I truly enjoy. I used to work unbelievable hours at the hospital, and I was too tired to enjoy life when I got home. I was missing out on my children’s lives. So when my second child was still a baby, I quit to stay home. By the time we had our third child, we had sunk so much lower on the quality of living scale it was horrible. We went from a 2500 square foot house we owned to about a 1300 square foot rental that couldn’t even hold all of our stuff. Of course, we had to sell most of it to make ends meet, anyway. But that’s enough whining. I can’t even remember really how that felt anyway, because I finally got involved with internet marketing, and it very quickly took my blues away and began improving our money situation. Best thing I ever did, hands down. [END OF SOB STORY]

So internet marketing is fantastic, at least for me. But it can definitely be HORRIBLE if you’re not doing the right stuff. I’ve had some struggles here and there, but I’ve been lucky to get hooked up with some great people and great products.

The training is where it’s at, guys. But you need to learn to choose SOLID stuff. I pretty much know who to trust now, but every now and then some newcomer will fool me – or just intrigue me enough to buy. And I also buy a lot more than I need, just to keep abreast of what’s out there. I like to be knowledgeable, and to be able to recommend or condemn products.

I’m also always still learning. I think everyone who’s successful is still learning, especially in a field like internet marketing and search engine optimization. In this business, things are changing constantly, and sometimes in big ways. Some smart person is coming up with new products and techniques all the time, search engines are changing, methods are becoming outdated… Think about how fast the internet has risen and morphed compared to other technologies in history. My son and I were just discussing the other night how the more we learn the faster we evolve. It’s so true. And if you’re gonna be successful, you’ve gotta keep up!

Anyway, that’s kinda who I am in a nutshell, or my online self anyway. My other self is a mom and wife, and thanks to the internet I’m able to juggle my two worlds very effectively. The internet is not for everyone, just like painting or skydiving or math isn’t for everyone. But if you find that you do really have a liking for this fickle beast, then just get in there and rock it! There’s not a much better job in the world in my opinion.

Oh, and I’ll help anyone out where I can. If you need direction, start with my free Super Affiliate course and newsletter.