There are a number of questionable traffic generation methods you should avoid if possible. While they may work some time if you get extremely lucky, 99.99% of the time, they will produce no results at all.

The two most common questionable traffic generation methods people fail with are buying targeted traffic and using classified ads.

Let’s start with targeted traffic campaigns. For marketing reasons, the people who sell these traffic campaigns call it targeted traffic, when, in reality, it is the absolute lowest, scummiest form of traffic. This traffic is usually generated through spam, untargeted pop-ups, and domain squatting. The entire business is a racquet and they’re delivering all of their angry customers directly to your site.

Not only is this simply not going to generate revenue, but it also has the potential to get you reported to your host, as many of these visitors wont be happy that they ended up at your site.

Avoid these bogus traffic generation campaigns at all costs. Almost all people waste money on them sooner or later. Don’t be one of the herd; avoid the mistake.

Using classified advertisements is usually disasterous, too. To begin with, most people simply cannot create a classified ad that will generate traffic even if it does receive hundreds of views. But what makes classified ads worse is that they’re tiny boxes on a page of scores of advertisements.

The chances of someone actually finding your ad in a classified section are pretty slim, even with a high circulation paper. Things are even worse at online classified sites. Many of these sites exist only to host classifed ads to generate revenue. In reality, people are only going there to post ads not to look at them.

So avoid these two types of advertising. They’re a waste of your time; and you’ll only be disappointed and short on cash after you’re done experimenting.