In the world of online marketing none of the successful marketers work alone. Everyone has a partner and if you ask any successful marketer, they would tell you that partnering was the tipping point of their business. Not only do partners help you, they keep you accountable. How many times you’ve failed a project just because you were to easy on yourself? Having a partner who also depends on your success improves your own performance.
But I’m getting to a different point. Finding a partner is all good, but you may be just starting out and not in a position to do joint ventures. Or maybe you’re just a natural loner and you’re doing just fine alone, you don’t want to be accountable to someone else. How can you make use of joint ventures them.
It’s simple. No matter in what niche you are, if that niche is active, there will be the so called “inner circles” where a group of successful marketers help each other to promote their own products. Such circles usually have a huge shared list of buyers and prospects, and any product launch they do is a success.
How then you, an aspiring online marketer use this fact to your advantage? Everyone needs affiliates – the more the better. Even those inner circles gladly offer affiliate programs for their products and they are happy if you can make them a sale. They’re not secret groups, so it’s not that hard to find them either.
The main advantage you get from promoting their products is the early knowledge of upcoming buzz. There are many products being launched in the market and every time those who are first make the most money. By having a scoop of what the big players are about to throw at the market you can position yourself for big profits.
So look around your niche. Subscribe to all affiliate lists you can find and watch your email for invitations to promote a new product, because that’s where the most money is being made and you can be the part of it.