With a developing network of over 238 million specialists, LinkedIn has come an extended manner from being considered as a marketing platform for simply B2B businesses. Nowadays, the social community has helped B2C brands build relationships with clients, and new studies indicates that the auto industry especially is profiting from the expansion.

Having already tapped into the social advertising energy at the back of Twitter, Vine, and Instagram, the car enterprise is now targeted on LinkedIn. In keeping with the employer, LinkedIn members are extra than twice as possibly to be in the market for a automobile than the overall U.S. Populace. In fact, 35 percent said they are planning to buy inside the next 12 months, as compared to handiest 15 cent of the general populace.

In an infographic put together by way of LinkedIn, the organization highlighted some of the motives why its contributors make such an appealing market for vehicle brands. As an instance, LinkedIn car proprietors are 105 percentage much more likely to have a household earnings of more than $100K, 136 percentage more likely to hold a Bachelors or put up-grad degree, and 71 percentage more likely to gain vehicle information on line.

At the same time as this infographic makes a speciality of auto brands, it gives a chunk of advice that nearly each commercial enterprise can gain from: share relative content material. Manufacturers that share relative content material with their enthusiasts undoubtedly effect logo perception. This is applicable whether or not you’re using LinkedIn, Twitter, fb, or relying completely to your blog. However, in case you represent an auto emblem seeking to get greater concerned on LinkedIn, check out the infographic for extra statistics on how the industry can leveraging the platform.