1. Industry Blogs
This blog focuses on a more narrow kind of industry and usually is made by industries that sell their products to other businesses. It typically consists of a selection of different topics including trade shows, new lines of product, and materials amongst others. This is a bit more difficult of a blog to create. It will take a large amount of careful research and you’ll need to understand plenty of info on the industry you are making your blog on.

2. Traveller Blogs
Of all the business blogs so far this is about the easiest and the most fun to make. You can write on certain visitor areas of interest and include pictures of the area. You are able to add holiday maker attractions famous to the area along with the climate and travel information solely to name a couple.

3. Consulting blogs
generally consulting blogs are run by one individual offering their opinion, and advice on a certain subject. This is a great way to develop a web community in a topic that is of interest to you.

No matter what business you need to create or may already belong to, blogging is a great way to advertise.