How to Make Money on YouTube

If you’ve ever wondered how to make money on YouTube, you are certainly not the only one. In fact, every marketer who dabbles in video is searching for effective ways to turn all their videos into cash. If you’re one such marketer, I can show you some easy ways to start making money on even the shortest and seemingly insignificant video. How to Advertise Your Web Presence

YouTube started its advertising project as a promotional tool. As a video producer, you are able to post videos and insert your link into the signature or bio area that sends visitors directly back to your website. These videos would be used to provide info about your niche and grow brand awareness that will generate a profit for you and your business.

When you want to promote your site through YouTube, you have to locate a specific need that you can help with a speech or lecture series of videos . You will also need to obtain recording devices to create good quality video recordings. Or create some short video teasers online for free with a video tool like Animoto. Joining the YouTube Advertising Program

Since Google bought out YouTube, ads have become a major feature , allowing you to place ads in your videos and get paid for each time someone clicks. It works similarly to the AdSense program. Becoming a partner entails submitting an application and getting your site approved.

After approval, however, making money is as simple as uploading videos to YouTube and opting them into the partner program.  When it comes to how to make money on YouTube, it doesn’t get any easier than this.Affiliate Marketing

If you’re learning  how to make money on YouTube, affiliate marketing is a great starting point. For this method, you’ll need to acquire a good video editing tool that allows you to add a watermark to the videos you upload. You can then create your own productions including strategies and tips and then invite the audience to visit a site to purchase a more valuable item, or you can borrow a video from someone else and re-upload it with your watermark included on it. This is the simplest method, although you should beware of any copyright violations and avoid broadcast material.Gathering Email Address List

Email marketing is one of the top concerns in online selling, and YouTube can be a very good tool for it. While you may not be able to put an opt-in capture form on YouTube itself, you can include a URL watermark in your video or a link in your bio that redirects surfers to your squeeze page on your website. When it comes to how to make money on YouTube, this is just another bridge. You won’t actually make money from the videos. but those email addresses you gather are equally, if not more, valuable than any cash you might generate from the videos, because they can lead to significant income in the future.Rental Options for YouTube It hasn’t been put into place yet, but Google recently announced a new rental system they will be implementing soon. If you give seminars or produce multiple viral videos, prepare to eventually be able to charge viewers a rental fee for each video in your series.

YouTube has been the hub of the internet’s social and viral media for the last five years, allowing marketers around the globe to start trying out more interactive money making strategies. It’s no longer an experimental tool, however. It’s time for all serious marketers to learn to make money on YouTube and use them as a viable arm of internet business. The earnings potential is surprisingly large.

Another great use for your videos is doing mass submissions with a product like Traffic Geyser.