Google Farmer Update and

Google gives internet marketing the finger.

Google’s latest algorithm change has whipped the majority of Internet marketers into a frenzy. They don’t know which way to go, and that’s understandable. Almost everything they have been taught over the past few years about making money online hinges upon a technique that Google has now rendered virtually useless.

If you dabble in Internet marketing at all, and specifically in article marketing, then you have no doubt heard about Google’s new update, lovingly referred to as the “Farmer Update.” The purpose of this update is to eradicate content farms, or websites that use keyword stuffed content designed specifically to game the system and increase ranking in Google.

This is where I have to laugh, at myself and all the other Internet marketers out there who have been studying and teaching the article marketing method. You see, Google’s new algorithm change not only affects Internet marketing, as it exists today — it is actually laser targeted to destroy it. And you can’t blame Google. Not at all. They are merely trying to retain (or regain) the integrity of their search results. I mean you have to admit that lately, Google results pages have begun to resemble the spam folder in your e-mail account.

I have always been skeptical of article marketing in its most used form. Marketers are generally taught to produce tons of copy, hundreds or even thousands of spun articles, and submit them to as many article directories, social networking sites, and websites as they possibly can. is the undisputed king of article marketing, and it has been hit very hard with this new algorithm change, with most of its articles being wiped from the Google search results. This has punched a lot of Internet marketers right in the pocketbook.

That doesn’t hurt my feelings too much though. The reason I don’t care very much is because most of the Internet marketers who rely heavily on article marketing are producing inferior content just to achieve rankings. Google knows this. Everyone knows it. It’s the standard in Internet marketing right now. Never mind quality of content. That’s for people who want to do a lot of work instead of making lots of money.

Well, I disagree, and I don’t care who knows it. I may step on some toes in saying this, but it’s the truth. The majority of Internet marketers and marketing methods are degrading the Internet experience, and it needs to come to a stop. I love making money just as much as the next marketer, but I also hate being spammed, tricked, and bombarded with useless information just as much as the next consumer. If I thought the only way to make money was to game the system and engage in “black hat” trickery, then I would retire today and go get an 8 to 5 job.

Don’t get me wrong… I have done some things I’m not proud of. When I first started in Internet marketing, I did try a few black hat tactics, but that kind of marketing never sat well with me. Frankly, it jumbled me up in knots inside, and just made me nervous and ashamed. I couldn’t pull it off.

Fortunately, I know how to make money while still providing good content for people who need it, and contributing to the positive growth of the Internet rather than its degradation. There are lots of marketers out there who are able to make a living while retaining their integrity, and you can do it to.

Yes, my views on have plummeted, as you can see by the diagram I included in this article. However, I do not rely on those to make my living. I have contributed very few articles to, and almost none to other article marketing sites.

On the whole, I believe this new algorithm of Google’s is a great positive step for Internet search, and I’m counting on it helping rather than hurting me and other respectable marketers who play by the rules. I have all the confidence in the world that quality content will and should rule, and that changes like the Google Farmer Update will push us all to hold ourselves to a higher standard, and in the end, the industry of Internet marketing will benefit.

But is article marketing dead? Stay tuned for the next article to find out what we can all do now. Sign up for my free ebook and newsletter to be the first to know!