Daily Deal Sites & Daily Deal Software

Learn how daily deal sites work!

I’m sure you’ve heard of daily deal sites like Groupon — who hasn’t? Groupon and other businesses using daily deal software are making history as we speak, revolutionizing the way business draw in customers and deliver goods. Hell, they just TURNED DOWN a 6 BILLION dollar offer from Google!

YOU can profit easily from the daily deal sites business model and automated daily deal software.

Basically, Groupon is a coupon site that uses daily deal software to offer only one coupon a day (pre-purchased), and it’s only valid if enough people, or a large enough “group” orders the “coupon.” Hence the name… One example would be a $50 gift certificate to a local store that you can pre-purchase for $25. You give your credit card up front, but it’s only charged if a predetermined number of people also purchase it. Presumably the number of orders it takes for the offer to be profitable for the business.

Who would’ve thought that a store with only one product would be so popular? And not only do they have only ONE product at a time, but they’re so random! You never know what they’ll have. A restaurant coupon, a salon gift card, discount on outdoor gear…

But by playing on the idea of “scarcity,” these guys are raking in the jack. And it’s not just Groupon. Several high profile daily deal sites have sprung up lately, and quite a number of businesses have learned that there’s money to be made by ANYONE utilizing this simple tactic and some cheap daily deal software.

You must learn to use this simple technique  in your own business if you want to keep up! Don’t get left in the lurch in 2011 and onward. After you watch the video, you can pick some free daily deal counters and templates for your software, to track items or countdown the time. SO COOL!Get a 1 cent month at Hostgator!
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