Rather than giving you a single way to drive traffic to your websites, I’m going to give you a rundown of several of the easiest and most important tips for generating traffic – and allow you to try them all out yourself to determine what will work best with your given setup.

Traffic Generation Tip #1: Pick The Low Hanging Fruit Using SEO

Building natural search engine traffic for “low hanging fruit” is akin to building an asset. You are simply creating pages that have little competition, which upon being indexed, will immediately take the first, second, or third slot for their given keyword.

Traffic Generation Tip #2: Use Viral Promotion

At least once every two months, creating some type of viral product to generate more traffic for your site. This can be a piece of software, a PDF, an audio recording, a video, or an ebook. Whatever you select, make sure you make people want to distribute it for free – and make sure it has built in ways to bring people back to your site.

Traffic Generation Tip #3: Consider Legitimate Link Exchanges

Link exchanges only work if you do them with sites that get a lot of traffic and have high PR – and if you exchange them in places where people might actually click. Keep in mind that the traffic leaving your site probably would have left, anyway, but the traffic you gained wouldn’t have arrived any other way.

Traffic Generation Tip #4: Use Joint Ventures and Affiliate Programs

A joint venture partner or super affiliate can generate a veritable avalanche of traffic faster than any pay per click campaign, natural search engine traffic, or link exchange. So spend the time to find the right partners at the right times – and engage them personally.

Traffic Generation Tip #5: Always Recycle Traffic

Recycling traffic ensures that your traffic increases each month, even if your natural search traffic remains the same – or even decreases slightly. Find ways to recycle your traffic into regular visitors and you will increase your revenue each month.

And there you have it: five simple tips you can use to generate traffic to your site without too much additional work.